Russian Platinum is one of the leading PGM producers in the world. 

The total production of alluvial platinum has exceeded 3.85 million ounces since 1984, including over 1 million ounces of platinum mined during the past 10 years from its Kondyor mine in Khabarovsk, Far East. The Group is developing a second, larger mines, Chernogorskoye, Southern part of "Norilsk-1" in Norilsk area.



Shareholders of the Group acquired Artel Starateley “Amur” (AS “Amur”) in 2007. After a comprehensive review of strategic options, the Principal Shareholders decided in 2009, in line with its strategy to focus on PGM production, to dispose other non-core businesses. In order to expand the PGM business, the Group acquired the Chernogorskoye Mining Company in April 2011 and has since established Russian Platinum, PLC as the holding company of the Group.

On July 24, 2013 the Government of Russian Federation approved  JSC AS ”Amur”  as the winner of competitive tender for the Southern part of Norilsk-1 deposit. And disposed to provide  JSC AS  “Amur” a right of use of the specified deposit for investigation and production of nickel, copper, cobalt and associated components in accordance with the established procedure.


Kondyor, Chernogorskoye and Southern part of Norilsk-1 deposits have combined reserves:

- platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold (4E metals) -  2 673,36 t;
- copper – 2 192 500 t;
- nickel –  1 653 400 t;
- cobalt –  79 700 t.


Russian Platinum aims strengthen its position in the global mining industry, and the occurrence of the top five players in the platinum group metals in reserves, resources and production.

A key strategy of the company is building of mining and processing plant for the extraction of copper-nickel ore of Chernogorskoye deposit with access to the full capacity by 2017 and further expand the resource base of the Kondyor mine by switching to dredge method, as well as investment in additional exploration of alluvial and ore platinum.

As part of its "Russian Platinum" seeks to reduce costs, increase profits, use of modern technology and modern equipment, taking care of own staff and protection of the environment.