Southern part of Norilsk-1 deposit

On July 24, 2013 the Government of Russian Federation approved JSC Artel Starateley “Amur” (AS ”Amur”) as the winner of competitive tender for the Southern part of  Norilsk-1 deposit. And disposed to provide JSC AS “Amur” a right of use of the specified deposit for investigation and production of nickel, copper, cobalt and associated components in accordance with the established procedure.

The President of JSC Alliance Group and the owner of "Russian Platinum" Mr. Musa Bazhayev noted:

"Russian Platinum" according to the commitments made, is ready in full volume and in established terms to carry out the whole range of works at Norilsk-1. We have all resources necessary for this purpose: finance, experienced personnel, advanced technologies. Our Norilsk project is a continuation and development of the Chernogorskiy project. Their integration will significantly increase the economic efficiency and make greater contribution to the social and environmental spheres. On the Taimyr Peninsula a Company is formed comparable in scale to the now existing in Norilsk industrial district. We are committed to fair competition and open to mutually profitable cooperation for the benefit of the region and Russia."

The project of the Southern part of Norilsk-1 development provides for capital investments in the amount of 78 billion rubles (including, at the first stage – 58 billion rubles). The volume of products will exceed 60 billion rubles a year and will make 2,3 trillion rub for the entire period. Thus volume of the tax receipts in budgets of all levels and extra-budgetary funds will make 858 billion rubles (37% of products cost).

More than 3 thousand workplaces in Krasnoyarsk Area will be provided. The Company will comply with modern standards of environmental and industrial safety. In particular, sulfur emissions on 1 ton of let-out non-ferrous metals will make less than 40 kg. Life of the mine is about 60 years old.