PGMs in Russia

Russia is one of the largest sources of PGMs globally since their discovery in the early 1820s.

PGM production in Russia began with the discovery of large alluvial platinum deposits in the Ural Mountains in 1824. These assets were mined out and had declined in importance by the 1920s. In 1935, PGMs were first produced as a by-product of the large-scale copper-nickel deposits in the Taimyr Peninsula in northern Siberia.

The Norilsk deposit just south of the town of that name was the first in the area to be exploited and has been the centre of PGM production in the country for over 60 years. This area remains home to the most important of Russia's known PGM reserves today and hosts Russian Platinum’s Southern part of Norilsk-1 and Chernogoskoye projects.

Kondyor is the largest known alluvial PGM deposit globally.