Priority of the company

“Russian Platinum” aims to comply with the best standards in the field of mining and metallurgical industry. The company tries to maintain a balance between the interests of businesses, federal and regional authorities, public areas. This is the key to sustained growth and sustainable development.

- "Russian Platinum" applies the modern equipment that has minimal impact on the environment;

- "Russian Platinum" ensures the observance of safety regulations while performing work for the production of base and precious metals;

- "Russian Platinum" attracts to the work of professionals with years of experience;

- "Russian Platinum" carries out regular monitoring of its activities in the area of performance.


  • Our safety management system at the Kondyor allows us to monitor operating sites and the surrounding areas through the observation of air, ground and underground waters and soils in accordance with a planned schedule.

    We pursue land reclamation activities on an annual basis. As part of our programme to reduce soil disturbance and erosion, we are fully is engaged in the recultivation of dumps stripping soils, pebbles, efels and the levelling of slopes, as well as monitoring the state of the soils at oil and lubricant storage sites and waste dumps. We have also started the recultivation of waste and solid-waste dumps in the area of our operations.

    In order to reduce water consumption and the risk of water pollution, we have constructed draining and mining channels, technical sumps and sumps for physical and mechanical cleaning, as well as dams and used water recycling systems and pump systems.

    In connection with waste treatment, we remove and recycle used oil products and oil rags, as well as scrap metal, mercury lamps, car tyres and batteries.

    We have also made investments at the Kondyor deposit to reduce the emissions of gases and particles. These investments include the installation of hydraulic dust suppression on technical roads in order to protect the atmosphere, as well as assembled gas-collection scrubbers.

    We do not use hazardous chemicals at operations at Kondyor.

  • Our goal is to operate our business without fatalities, serious injuries or occupational illnesses. We recognise that the health and well-being of our personnel and communities are integral to the success of our business.

    Our existing health and safety policies at the Kondyor deposit comply with the requirements of applicable Russian legislation. In accordance with this policy, the Group has implemented various measures, including the training of labour-safety specialists, regular technical servicing and repair of equipment and fire alarms, and obtaining certification of work sites.

    We continue to invest in our health and safety programme.

  • We place great emphasis on the health and safety of our employees and recognise that the recruitment and retention of a skilled workforce is integral to the implementation of our business goals.

  • Our approach seeks to engage in an on-going dialogue, through both formal and informal contacts, with local communities to respond to their needs and concerns in relation to its operations. The areas around the Kondyor deposit is sparsely populated, and accordingly the Group’s primary points of contact for its community relations efforts are in the relevant regional governments.

    In the framework of social policy "Russian Platinum" cooperates closely with Ayano-Maisky region of Khabarovsk Krai, contributing to its growth and development, raising living standards and welfare.